Members of the Oahu FanForce attended the Star Wars 33rd Birthday Party at the Manifest on May 25, 2010 at 8 PM. The event not only celebrated Star Wars, but also celebrated the birth of the party's host, John Sweeney. Members of the 501st were on-hand, as well as other costumed fans.

The event began with a Trivia Contest with everything from naming the one actor to appear in all six movies, to naming the young female Jedi to serve during the Clone Wars.

The Star Wars Costume Contest was a fun addition to the night. Some of the costumers included a Priestly looking Jedi, Pregnant Padme, Anakin's Mom, and an Ewok girl. The winner was Anakin's Mom.

The final event was the Chewbacca Call-Off Contest where contestants tried to belt out their best imitation of Chewbacca's famous roar. The best roar was done by the Priestly Jedi. The fun night was capped-off by dancing to re-mixes of favorite Star Wars tunes.

Happy Birthday to Star Wars, and to a great fan John Sweeney.