Eric Moss is a huge Star Wars fan. His wife-to-be knew his fandom well.

Kristy Estes sought out the Oahu FanForce's help in secretly planning a gathering of Star Wars style characters to appear at her wedding reception. Her fiancé, Eric, was away serving his country and Kristy planned a Hawaii wedding with a twist. Their champagne glasses featured the Star Wars New Jedi Order symbol, and Eric's groom's cake was a custom designed image of Darth Vader. With the help of her friend and planner Shantte Strohschein, this was sure to be a memorable day.

As the couple arrived at the Forest City Catlin Park Community Center, Eric had no idea that two Jedi, Pac-El and Jay Tee Errick, were waiting to receive them. As the new husband and wife entered the doorway, Pac-El and Jay Tee raised their lightsabers and formed an archway for the newlyweds to walk under while the Throne Room theme played. Eric exclaimed, "No way."

Much to couple's surprise was another bonus that Oahu FanForce had in store. The music suddenly shifted to the Empire theme and none other than Darth Vader walked into the room. This was especially fun for the couple because Eric had dressed as Vader the previous Halloween.

The Oahu FanForce congratulates Kristy and Eric on their special day. We wish them all the best in the years to come.