The Oahu FanForce is Hawaii's official chapter of the international Star Wars fan community known as FanForce, a "grass-roots extension" of TheForce.net. The Oahu FanForce began its journey in May of 2001 when its founder, mac-nut, and several of her co-workers joined together to create a Hawaii based Star Wars fan club. On July 5th, 2001, the Oahu FanForce became an official FanForce chapter and mac-nut became its first Chapter Representative. Through the years, members of the Oahu FanForce gathered at many functions and charitable events. In January of 2010, after serving an incredible nine years as leader of the Oahu FanForce, mac-nut stepped down and Pac-El became its new Chapter Representative.

Today, The Oahu FanForce continues to frequently attend group meetings and Star Wars themed events. The group has adopted the phrase "Make a Difference" which was used for years by the club's founder, mac-nut, in-line with her deep belief in "reaching out to those who need a helping hand along life's journey". It is with this conviction that Oahu FanForce has become more involved in community events.

The Oahu FanForce is a Star Wars fan club and is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, LucasFilm Ltd. or 20th Century Fox.


If you live on Oahu and are a Star Wars fan... don't wait, join the Oahu FanForce today! Here's what to do:

1) Read through the main FanForce Rules and the Oahu FanForce Charter. By becoming a member you will have agreed that you've read them.

2) Visit TheForce.net forums and create a username and password. If you haven't already got one, think of a Star Wars style character name for yourself as the username. Remember, you don't need a costume to be a member. If you do have a costume, however, or later decide to make one, we can help you with ideas. We only have a few guidelines about costuming in our Oahu FanForce Charter which can be read HERE.

3) Visit the Oahu FanForce forum and post in the "welcome" thread to say hello.

4) Contact us with an email address you are easily reached at and let us know you've done those three steps and TAH DAH... you'll officially be an Oahu FanForce "Forum Member"! To receive the title of "Active Member" just consistently attend our meetings and events.

That's it! We hope to see you at our next event.